The Accredited Tax Representative for Non-Residents

3% annual tax

All French or foreign entities that directly or indirectly possess buildings or land, or legal rights over such properties located in France, are liable to an annual tax equal to 3% of the market value of the properties they own (Articles 990D to 990F of the French Tax Code (CGI)).

In some cases, an exemption from paying the tax is possible.

However, it is extremely important to respect the deadlines and undertakings required to benefit from the exemption.

Contact us before the 15th of May
(deadline for sending the forms)

Otherwise, the sanctions are very serious (loss of the exemption, payment of the tax, a surcharge and late-payment interest, etc.)

For disposals of property by entities established outside the European Community, the Tax Representative in France is responsible for paying the tax due on that date for the year of the sale.

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